DDGS or Dried Distillers Grains and Solubles is an excellent, lower cost, alternative feed ingredient that continues to be produced in large quantities by the dry-grind fuel ethanol industry. The high energy, protein, and phosphorus content of DDGS make it a very attractive for energy, protein and phosphorus (mono- or dicalcium phosphate) ingredients used in feeds. When DDGS is added to feeds that are properly formulated, it provides excellent animal health, performance, and food product quality. These attributes, and others, have made DDGS one of the most popular feed ingredients to use in animal feeds around the world.

Dewan Mustaq Trade Ltd. has taken the initiative to import , bag and supply of DDGS to the poultry , dairy, livestock, aqua-culture and feed milling sectors in Pakistan in an initiative to not only ensure regular supply of DDGS at competitive prices from the United States but to better the animal feeding practices and hence help improve the quality of milk, dairy and
production meats according to global standards.

Delta International as their authorized exclusive dealers of DDGS for Dewan Mushtaq Trade Ltd is working closely with them to expand and develop the market for DDGS .


Reveille Livestock Concepts is on the globally recognized agricultural management and livestock nutrition consulting company based in Sulphur Springs United States. It has extensive experience in working with the livestock sector in Pakistan. It also represents sellers and producers of a number of products that are added to feed concentrates that
boosts livestock productivity, hygiene and health .

Delta International is working with Reveille Livestock Concepts to create a working relationship between them and the livestock sector in the Pakistan . Their products include

  • Ruminant Enzyme
  • Rumen Protected Amino Acids
  • Rumen Protected Fats, Palm Fats
  • Yeast Products
  • Mycotoxin Binders
  • Mineral/Additive/Vitamin Premixes
  • Fly Control Products and Programs